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Send Us Your Water!

Sorbster provides treatability studies through a Send Us Your Water program that evaluates contaminant removal for all types of waters and water treatment markets. These treatability studies determine percent removal curves as a function of water-to-media contact time and are good predictors of field performance.

How It Works:

Client sends a sample to Sorbster laboratory facility.

• Sample can be shipped in sealed containers, from 5 to 55 gallons
• No preservatives needed
• Ship FedEx Ground or UPS Ground
• Please make sure each sample is clearly labeled with Company name/address and sample identification

Client provides operating parameters including a water analysis, upstream treatment summary, target contaminant(s),
effluent target concentration and any applicable historical data characterizing the water sample.

Sorbster will complete a series of flow through column tests to determine the best solution to reach and exceed the
effluent target. Sorbster may employ pretreatments in order to improve removal efficiency.

Sorbster utilizes an independent, EPA accredited laboratory to measure metals concentrations.

Sorbster can typically provide verbal results within three weeks and a written report within 30 days.

In some cases, optimization of removal rate through the identification of pretreatments may take additional time.

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What testing will be done in Sorbster’s lab on the water we send?
We will conduct column tests of your sample water. This means it is flowed through beds of select media(s) designed to remove the targeted contaminants. Lab conditions will simulate your field conditions as closely as possible.
What can we expect the testing results to reveal?
The primary goal is to confirm feasibility. We will also have an estimate of removal rate and life expectancy of the media for your specific application. The larger the sample size, the more bed volumes treated, the more accurate our results will be.If feasibility is confirmed the next step would either be a pilot application to confirm predicted results or moving directly to field application.
Will the results of the testing provide a good indication of the expected performance of the activated alumina?
After you receive the effluent, what is the time frame for testing and providing results?
4-8 weeks.
Assuming that the results are favorable, what might the options be for a full-scale system, e.g., what equipment or vessels may be needed?
Typical applications require holding tanks, flow rate meters and a pump. This will be a non-pressurized system. The equipment requirements are fairly simple, but the quantity will depend on the proposed solution. We will know more about your specific requirement after the SYUW tests.
We understand that the system could potentially be continuous or intermittent in application. Is there a minimum or maximum size that is a constraint?
The media needs to be continuously wetted. As long as it does not dry out it will remain potent. The life of the media is determined by total contaminants removed, not the time period.
Is there a possibility that some form of pretreatment might be necessary prior to exposure to the activated alumina?
It is definitely possible; many pretreatment options will increase the potency of the media. However depending on cost compared to increased efficacy the options may or may not be recommended.*An accurate and comprehensive report of your water’s contaminants will help us to predict if this pretreatment is necessary. If this is not available, we can certainly do it ourselves, but this may add a couple weeks to the timing.
We have recently been experiencing a relatively high or low pH in the water; is it possible that we will need to adjust pH prior to or after the treatment?
A lower pH should have a positive effect on the media(s) removal rate. We may suggest a pretreatment of added acid if the pH level is high. Depending on the media(s) the pH might go up or down during treatment.

Sorbster® Media Is the Adsorbent Treatment Choice for:

*Optimization for the specified contaminants available






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